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Bardal Menu €180

Wine Selection €100

Artisanal cheeses 25€

The essence of Bardal, the soul of Ronda. 

Raw vegetables broth with quail egg yolk 

"Maresme" green peas with oyster emulsion




Mushroom cake

Pine bud and pine nut milk

Sea urchin, pinenut and pine oil

Picanha with green pepper sauce




Grilled heart lettuce with beef emulsion

Sardines salad

Chicken skin and shrimp 




Green beans, sheep labneh, and eel

Razor clams with tomato

Gribiche asparagus 

Mushrooms collagen

Turbot and saffron

Skewer of rabbit "a la cazadora" with truffle, Rabbit Blanquette



Mango and coconut

Sweet potato, vanilla and pumpkin





Our menus (and prices as well) may undergo changes depending on the market, the seasons and their availability.

We inform our customers that the products included in this letter may contain allergens or traces thereof. For more information consult our staff.

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